Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Just the Same

Lectio Divina

I have other sheep that do not belong to this fold.

John 10:16


Always reading Scripture, of course, but most personal reading is currently on hold.


A typical day of work and prayer ahead. Not a day to mark time, mind you, but a day without extraordinary diversions from the routine. So let the routine function as it is intended, to enable us to consecrate the whole day to service of God and neighbor (in our case, our brothers). A day just the same as many others, but another day to live in and for God and neighbor. Another day to live the Gospel, and what an extraordinary opportunity that is.

This morning, concluding our two weeks of study of Scripture interpretation with the final small group presentations. House jobs this afternoon. Cycling off my eight-day turn on the kitchen chores team. Beginning a day of recollection this evening on the topic of the international Capuchin fraternity. All the while, continuing writing assignments for the newsletter and evaluations, and discerning theological studies and ministry, a future presenting itself by degrees.


Just right for spring.

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