Saturday, April 20, 2013

Floating About

Lectio Divina

I will pay my vows to the Lord in the presence of all his people.

Psalm 116:14

This line is presently a permanent part of my lectio divina. And I gather it will become more important as, God willing, the date of my first profession of celibacy, poverty, and obedience approaches.


Continuing Dietrich, Broken and Shared. Was looking for something intellectual to complement my reading of the Catholic Worker. So I found a volume by Simone Weil in our library. Not sure if I'll read it all the way through. I'll post bibliographical information if I get halfway through the book.


A little lull before the Mass and luncheon to celebrate the 50th anniversary of San Lorenzo Seminary. The gala we had last September commemorated the founding of San Lorenzo itself; today we mark the beginning of the novitiate on these grounds. What was once the novitiate of the California province of Capuchins only is now the novitiate for all the English-speaking provinces of the North American and Pacific Capuchin Conference. We expect a standing-room only scene in the chapel today. From benefactors to friars and members of the community that gathers regularly at San Lorenzo, we will be surrounded by friends of Saint Francis.

No time today to brood over the sorrowful mysteries in Boston. Arose an hour early to shower and have breakfast before morning prayer. My body wanted me to be ready for today. Big parties have always made me feel anxious. Nowadays, on days when we have lots of company, I like to keep busy, to keep moving. Being available for odd jobs, being useful is the way I show charity to many friendly but unfamiliar people in an intensely social situation like luncheons or receptions. Let those brothers who are good at being Mary, sitting at the feet of Jesus in the person of our guests, do so, and those who are good at being Martha, working in the kitchen, also do so. I may be choosing the lesser part, but I can do it well, and besides, we don't all have to choose like Mary all the time.

Now, back to floating about.


Looking and feeling like spring, California or otherwise.

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