Friday, April 19, 2013

No One Can Take Them

Lectio Divina

... no one can take them ...

John 10:28, 29

What I hear in these words of Jesus, the Good Shepherd, is that those who let themselves be given over to God's loving care cannot be destroyed, no matter what those who would harm us can do. They can only kill the flesh of the body, but they cannot kill the soul or forever destroy the body and soul in their eternal unity. No one can take a single one from the herd of God's flock. But we must allow ourselves to be sheep, given by God to the care of the Son. Heaven forbid that we be wolves, takers of life. We do not need to take away from anyone or any thing. All is gift; all is given to those who allow themselves to be given over.


Continuing Dietrich, Broken and Shared, in the chapel stall.


I am reading the news about the events developing in Boston now. My goodness ... I cannot believe what I am seeing. With the whole Boston region in lockdown and the reports of fatal violence in this manhunt, I can't help but feel that yesterday's prayers for justice without vengeance ring hollow in God's ears.

Last night one of my novice brothers related a chestnut of a wisdom saying. There were two persons, one who believed in God, and one who did not. The one who did not believe in God wanted to ask God, "Why is there so much evil in the world? Why do you allow so much evil to persist?" But that person did not dare to ask. When the one who believed in God asked why, the other replied, "I am afraid God will ask me the same questions."

Morning prayer and Mass today with company -- the directors of initial formation for the various provinces of the North American and Pacific Capuchin Conference are here for meetings. Ministry at the prison in Lompoc later today. Faith sharing this evening.

We are on the cusp of the third and final period of evaluation. Next week I will draft my self-reflection and peer evaluations. Also, as I explore options for post-novitiate ministry and studies, a need to compile a curriculum vitae arises. This, and a personal statement awaits composition. These things crowd upon the usual backlog of personal correspondences and the production of our monthly newsletter.

Suddenly, there is a lot of writing and editing to be done.


For a sky more blue than this, you could not ask.

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