Friday, April 26, 2013

Glory. Glory?

Lectio Divina

... the Son of Man glorified ... God glorified in him....

John 13:31

Suddenly at a loss to understand this glory. Don't be surprised by this admission. Really, what is glory, and why is it so important? Life, I understand; love, I understand. Glory ... I must attend to my lack of comprehension. Or my forgetting.


Continuing Johnson, Friends of God and Prophets, and reading through the National Catholic Reporter. Dipping into Lawler, Secular Marriage, Christian Sacrament.


Felt one or two hours short of a full night's rest yesterday ... drowsy and inattentive during the day of reflection with the Catholic Worker community. I am sorry about that, but at least the other participants were not slumbering. God, wake me up so I can see ... the glory?

Faith sharing with the men in prison at Lompoc, followed this evening by our review of life in advance of house chapter tomorrow morning. Now, to various writing assignments.


Truly like a desert, hot and cold.

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