Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Show Me

They said you're not here, therefore
do not fear

How am I to hear this news
And what am I to lose if I refuse it

Help me not to look, but to see
Help me not to touch, but to feel
Help me not to test, but to taste
Help me not to listen, but to hear

In your mercy, turn me in the
right direction from the grave
of stone and cave

In your loving kindness
show me something
greater than what you have done
with Jesus
Show me what you are doing to who I am

Show me who is standing in the strong wind
Show me who walks through the city
and kneels in the asphalt fields
Show me who bakes bread, who
wonders why it means the world

Show me how to say what you have spoken
how to be what you say
to be your speech
to live
to be

Show me

And I will praise you

Show me the eternal daylight
Turn the shadows in me inside out
Empty my tomb

And I will praise you

Show me
make me more than I am

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