Saturday, April 28, 2012

90 Minutes a Week

That is how much time online a Capuchin novice is permitted at San Lorenzo Friary in California.

This is going to put a crimp on communication. I would like to know whether telephone usage will also be rationed.

Of necessity, the way I keep this public diary will have to change. It may become more like a log, with posts of a telegraphic nature. Sketches and expository posts will be published more sporadically. I will need to find other literary forms both feasible and fitting for showing you what religious life is like in novitiate.

Meanwhile, I may take to a private journal once more to keep a fuller record of the way I go and how it goes with my soul. An advantage is that I can make disclosures that it would not be possible to do online; nothing preserves the sanctity of one's inner space like the creamy ruled pages of a little hardcover notebook. A disadvantage is that I lose many listening partners.

Logging off of Facebook permanently when I did looks more and more like a wise choice every day. For that decision, my weaning from digital and social media will be less sudden and less forced. (I presume the weaning will begin at St. Fidelis Friary in Kansas.)

If we who are friends in Christ, friends of God, friends of the good, treasure what the love in our friendship has made, then we will take up pen and paper and continue to pour love into each other.

Take note of these addresses:

From May 27 to July 17:

St. Fidelis Friary
900 Cathedral Avenue
Victoria, KS  67671

From July 22:

San Lorenzo Friary
P.O. Box 247
Santa Ynez, CA  93460

I will repeat these addresses a few more times in the next few weeks before departing for Kansas. Take note, my friends, and take up pen and paper.

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