Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Jesus the Christ

God from above, send down your Christ.
God from below, raise up your Jesus.

Show us the one they first called your Son.
Make us one with the One you greatly exalted.

May our love of Jesus humanize us. May the love of Christ sanctify us.

Take us to beyond before. Take us to forever after.
Take all of this, all of us, to the place out of time and space.
But reveal it here. Begin it, end it here.

Be our vision.
Help our Christ meet Jesus. Help our Jesus meet Christ.
Help us meet you, One and never only, in the event and being.

One and holy, never only, we call with tongues of humans.
We pray for flesh of spirit.
Give us this day. Show us the way to the day of the Lord.

Through your Spirit we ask for faith in Christ.
Grant us the faith of Jesus to receive it.

Gracious God, you give your Word.
Let us be people of our word and be an image of your Word.
In this hour and in the final hour,
Let us keep in mind, let us have as our mind, Jesus the Christ.

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