Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A Glorious Letter

One more letter today from The PilgrimA short, disturbing, and sacred story.

The Day I Held Hands With God

by Brenda Green

On the 21st of January, 2011, I was at my apartment with my boyfriend watching a movie and spending time with him. He came from Egypt. He was bad news: telling me what to do, calling me a liar. He watched me on Facebook. Then on the 21st of January he tried to kill me with a knife and a bag over my head. I fought him for about two hours, then I talked to him to try to make him stop. He would not put up with that. Then I tried to get away. It was not happening: he held me down on the rug. I tried to kill him back. It didn't work: I didn't have it in my heart to do it. I got away from him, ran upstairs to my friends' apartment, went to the ER. I died at the ER, I'd lost so much blood. I did see God and he held my hand. I saw my Mom and Dad; it was hard for me to let go. I saw my son's father and I really wanted to stay. God would not let me do that. He was very great, letting me see my Mom and Dad and my son's father. There is a God. God bless God.

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