Thursday, April 19, 2012


Been busy accompanying the postulants from Wisconsin in class and on sightseeing. I hope to backtrack a little bit later today or on the weekend.

Just a brief note before we begin two days of seminars on celibate sexuality with Dr. Kathleen Galleher, a psychologist and a consultant who has worked with priests and religious who have sexually abused children and adolescents. Among other institutions she has worked at Saint Luke Institute in Silver Spring, Md.

This morning in the kitchen, just as I was about to pour the milk into my cereal, I was interrupted by my formation director. The friar who tailors our Capuchin habits had arrived with our habits, and it was time to try on mine.

I didn't want to put it on. It felt too soon. But I did try it on, and the friar showed me how you wear it.

I did not look at myself in a mirror. Call me superstitious, but to me that would be a little like the bride and groom seeing each other before their wedding.

Novitiate is really close.

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