Saturday, August 11, 2012



Continuing Day, On Pilgrimage. Her words sear my conscience. The Catholic Worker movement shows the Church the spirit of Saint Francis and Saint Clare (whose feast day is today).

Beginning a new book:

Osborne, Kenan. Sacramental Theology: A General Introduction. Mahwah, N.J.: Paulist Press, 1988.

Soon to introduce some fiction into my bibliophiacal diet.


The schola debuted this morning at our Mass for Saint Clare, singing the responsorial psalm after the first reading from the Hebrew Bible, and the acclamation, or Alleluia, before the Gospel reading. A good start, and a word of affirmation from Fr. Regis Armstrong, the presider, at the conclusion of the liturgy. (Brother Regis gave me a personal compliment for my tenor afterward, at breakfast, to my great delight.) I think we will get much better before the year is through.

Six hours of chores, from mid-morning to late afternoon. Four hours on The Caperone, in meetings with my supervisor and my co-editor, and writing and editing copy. Two hours on manual labor, sweeping the walkways and straightening up the exercise shed.

This evening: reading and resting. Some brothers are watching a short film produced by one of our novice brothers, who earned his Master of Fine Arts at Ohio University School of Film this June. (I saw his film with several of the brothers earlier this summer in Kansas.) Others will watch the Perseid meteor showers from our awesome vantage point in the valley. Sounds inviting.


Outside, in the valley, it's a heat wave; inside the soul, it's mild and fair at the moment after a two days of unseasonal highs and lows.

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