Wednesday, August 1, 2012



This morning and afternoon: a picnic and recreation at Refugio State Beach in Goleta, 20 miles west of Santa Barbara, a part of the California State Parks. The weather, hot and sunny in the valley, was cool and cloudy at the ocean, to our delight. We walked the shore in one direction and the cliffs in the other. Many of the brothers played football and volleyball when they weren't wading or swimming. Those less inclined to strenuous exercise opted for ladder golf or bean bag toss! The air was fresh, the views from the shore and cliffs were pleasing, and conversation was light and cheerful. A great day for our nascent fraternity.

This evening: personal time, with night prayer in private. Going to confer with one of the formators shortly about The Caperone.

Lectio Divina

If you repent, so that I restore you,
in my presence you shall stand.

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