Saturday, August 25, 2012


Lectio Divina

Now let them stop worshiping other gods and honoring the relics of their kings, and I will live among them forever.

Ezekiel 43:9 (New Living Translation)


Continuing Resurrection and Priscilla and Aquila.


This morning and afternoon: house chores, mainly finishing production on the September issue of The Caperone. This evening: looking forward to a quiet night of reading and studying, followed by Mass in the morning here at San Lorenzo Friary.  

This weekend: calls home to my brother and mother, as well as my sister, who is three weeks from giving birth to her second child. Hoping eventually to connect with a post-novice brother from the New York/New England province for a conversation about Boston-area ministries to immigrants and prisoners. (We've been playing tag over telephone and e-mail.) Maybe one or two handwritten letters, as well.


Unsettled after a stormy night.

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