Thursday, August 16, 2012

At Home


Finished Day, On Pilgrimage. Finishing Osborne, Sacramental Theology.


It's Thursday, which means we have unstructured personal time from mid-morning until late afternoon, when we convene in chapel for evening prayer and meditation. Many welcome the opportunity to go off site (to "leave the ranch," as I put it) and recreate in small groups. Some go shopping. Some go to the movies. Some go to the beach. Some walk the downtown of the nearest cities and towns. I have chosen to stay at home.

This morning: served at Mass and read the antiphons at morning prayer. Then, a leisurely breakfast over the Santa Barbara News-Press and the Los Angeles Times crossword. Also, reading and laundry (both the habit and civilian wear). This afternoon, more reading, maybe more correspondence, and perhaps a jog. All the while soaking in the quiet of the friary and grounds and letting God reveal to me the ways I can live a life of penance, the ways I can preach the Word of God, the ways I can become, like Jesus, bread from heaven to nourish the life of a famished world.


Clear and mild. A good day for leisure, but also a good day for laboring in the fields.

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