Saturday, March 10, 2012

Status Updates

(With no apologies to Facebook.)

Anthony Zuba ...

is back from a visit to the dentist in Ridgewood and pleased the dentist was happy with his gums.

is feeling invigorated after 75 minutes on the exercise bike.

is washing, drying, and ironing the purificators, the linens used to clean the vessels used during Eucharist.

is looking forward to baking a raisin cake tonight.

is preparing himself to be friendly, cheerful, and social for the five friars coming down from Maryknoll, N.Y., and staying overnight.

is ahead of many of you, because he's already set his clocks forward one hour.

is going to the 9 o'clock Mass at St. Michael-St. Malachy Parish next door, where he is a liturgical minister. Tomorrow morning he is the commentator, meaning that he officially welcomes the congregation and reads the intercessory prayers. The following Sunday he will be the lector, meaning he will read from the Hebrew Bible and Christian epistles.

is making dinner for the brothers tomorrow.

is looking forward to a quiet half-hour in the chapel this evening.

is reading spiritual writings by Bro. Roger Schutz, founder of the Taize community.

is seeing his family in Babylon, L.I., on the 31st to celebrate his dad's birthday, and is returning to them the following weekend for the Easter triduum.

is wishing his parents would call more often.

is hoping his brother and sister will visit him in Brooklyn at least once this spring.

is hoping at least three of his friends will come to St. Michael Friary for prayer and dinner before postulancy is over.

is hoping to love a little more like Jesus. He is learning to love the art of loving like Jesus. This kind of love is life.

is praying a lot for the six men who have applied to join the next formation class.

is still wondering what it is like for those who cannot hear to pray. For that matter, he wonders what prayer is like for those in whom any of their senses are impaired.

is proud to have memorized the Angelus prayer.

is not missing Facebook at all. He is looking for community more than connection.

is four weeks from Easter, sixty days from the end of postulancy, and, God willing, eleven weeks and 1,456 miles from Pentecost in Victoria, Kansas.

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