Thursday, March 29, 2012

Good Company

A good evening with good company at St. Michael Friary. It was a family affair. Nicholas, my brother, visited for evening prayer, dinner, and Eucharistic adoration with night prayer. One of my postulant brothers had his parents and brother over, too. Brother Jack, who arrived this morning for the first of two days of instruction on ecclesiology, also joined us in the chapel and at the dinner table. Mothers, fathers, and brothers all -- each in their own way trying to do the will of God, each related to one another in the Spirit.

Now I'm finishing my homework assignment. Just read the first chapter of Models of the Church, by the late Cardinal Avery Dulles. It is one of the most influential contemporary works on theology of the Church, written by one of the most influential theologians of the late 20th century. If one day I have the time, I will read the book complete. Before I go to bed I must also create a diagram to illustrate my own working model of Church; identify the strengths and weaknesses of my model; consider how to make it more robust; and evaluate how this model affects my effort to live the Capuchin life. A good little mental exercise, and I recommend it to the faithful. In the meantime, for busy Christians who would like to better know their own working model of Church but don't have the time for theological reflection, take this fun little quiz.

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