Thursday, March 15, 2012

For Restful Sleep

God of the Sabbath,
God of peace,
grant us rest this night
until the dawn.

Send sleep to strengthen us,
and quiet to calm us.

Ring us with your Spirit
so nothing within or without
will disturb us.

Help us to rise gently but surely
to take up your work,
to take up our crosses,
to take crosses off others,
and live by your love that remains,
even when life ends,
and leads us to the life beyond.

Help us know our rest this night
as a preparation for the rest that waits for all.

Help us know our rising tomorrow
as a gift to foreshadow the rising that rules our hopes.

We call on you,
we hope for you,
and our cares rest upon you,
Almighty God,
with your Christ and the Holy Spirit,
forever One,
from this world to the world eternally waking.

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