Tuesday, March 6, 2012

State of the Soul

Heading into my monthly formation conference in a few moments. I have moved from acceptance to appreciation of these opportunities to check in with my formators on the condition of my religious development. There is no lack of words, no want for inspiration when we hold these conversations. It is good that we are having at least one such meeting during Lent; if memory serves, we will have our next formation conference during Holy Week.

I have my next meeting for spiritual direction on Thursday in Manhattan. This will likely be my only meeting during Lent. The following meeting will probably take place after Easter. It may well be the final appointment of that kind during the postulancy program.

In between these oasis hours come the final preparations for the lobby day in Albany with Neighbors Together and the journey itself. This afternoon our membership meeting will be devoted to a review of the discussion points for our legislator meetings, a series of role plays to simulate our conversations with the legislators, and general instructions on the itinerary for Wednesday.

In chapel I have prayed for our delegations travelling to the capital seeking relief from poverty, hunger, and poor housing. I have asked for the power that will make our petitions to the state effective. But I also want our band of Brooklynites to be faithful. We come in a spirit of peace seeking mercy and compassion for ourselves and our sisters and brothers. We do not seek to condemn anyone for their failure to serve the common good. We take a high road. We come to seek power, not for its own sake, but for the sake of justice, for the purpose of building a better world.

Therefore we approach the state for the needs of our bodies for the sake of our souls. We want to make clear that what God has granted us, let no one in authority take away. What God has granted us that we may live, let no one in society take away. Let the state be mindful of its obligation to promote the general welfare and find ways to do so more effectively. Let the state hear our call to order society rightly so that all may live simply and simply live.

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