Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Questions for Readers

Dear followers of the blog, I submit to you the following questions:

1. Are there subjects concerning religious life and the process of initial formation that you would like to see addressed? This question is aimed particularly toward my Christian friends who are not part of Catholic communities.

2. Another question for those readers who are not familiar with the traditions of Catholicism: does the blog adequately explain Catholic things? Am I using a public language that makes sense of tradition-specific vocabulary, rhetoric, patterns of thought, etc.? Are you coming across too much jargon? Are the occasional hyperlinks helpful? Do I give you enough context to understand the meaning as well as experience of Catholic religious community?

3. Do you get the feeling that you are getting a good enough glimpse inside the friary? That is, have I welcomed you into the world that I inhabit with my brothers well enough that you feel like a guest in this space? Or have I unwittingly kept too many curtains drawn or doors closed? There are some things I cannot and will not write about in this public diary because they would violate internal forum. My community is a religious family, and like any family, deserves its healthy share of privacy. Of course, you have come to the wrong forum if you are looking for juicy gossip! Rather, I am asking you if your brother has thus far given you a generous and helpful guide to religious fraternity.

4. A gut-reaction question: What do you like about the blog? What is it that keeps you coming back to read the public diary?

5. The blog is purposely low-tech. No blogroll (at the moment), no photos, no videos. A plain old Google Blogger template. No bells and whistles. A lot of text. And an opportunity to comment. How does this grab you?

That's all for now. I look forward to your input!

1 comment:

  1. 1. Get to those posts on celibacy/chastity you're always promising!:-)

    5. I like low-tech.