Monday, March 19, 2012

Carried Along

We are closing in on the final fifty days of postulancy. Every day, at least once, one of the postulants notes with wonder how quickly the time is moving. Indeed, with an early spring upon us -- the tree in the courtyard outside my bedroom window is budding -- we feel carried along briskly on the wings of the Spirit dove.

Today the Catholic Church celebrates Joseph, the husband of Mary and the foster-father of Jesus. In the Catholic hierarchy of holy days, this day ranks among the highest, being a solemnity. Which means, in short, no fasting today! Make a feast! This evening I was savoring the meal, chicken parmesan, and a cream-filled zeppole for dessert. Ordinarily I eat more slowly than the other brothers, and this evening especially I took my time with the fine food, in part so not to overeat, but also to linger in the moment.

And why not? This phase of formation is passing rapidly. The end is much nearer than the beginning, and thus so is the next beginning (God willing). My supervisors at Neighbors Together are already feeling down about my departure: so many ideas for future organizing projects, so little time!

How did we get here already? How good God has been ... too good. Carried along as swiftly as we have been, from experience to experience, I worry that I may have missed some meaningful encounters with the holy along the way. Keep moving, we must, for we are pilgrims, of course. But help me notice more of what you would have me attend to, Lord. Help me savor them. And help me share these noticings, big and little, here in the public diary, so others may taste and see your goodness. Help me start here and now, with little more than fifty days in Brooklyn.

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