Saturday, June 2, 2012

Work, Prayer, Recreation

Saturdays are light days at St. Fidelis Friary. All the brothers do assigned house chores in the morning, then we're free until Sunday evening. I cleaned bathrooms on the second floor of the friary. I was also on the kitchen crew, so I did some setup and cleanup for breakfast and lunch.

Took a two-hour nap, then exercised, then joined the fraternity for meditation and evening prayer. Now comes the time of the week when we are literally thrown out of the house and into the community for a little group recreation. A few of the brothers are going to a Mexican restaurant. Some brothers are going bowling. A few of the brothers are heading to the movies to see that masculinized adventure fantasy about Snow White. A few of the brothers are going out to see Men in Black. You can count me in that camp.

We have a little bit of spending money. The weather is very warm but good. The evening is free. Sabbath in the summer in Kansas.

Be well, and keep praying for the brothers. I will keep you, friendly readers, ever in mine.

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