Thursday, June 21, 2012


Today: morning prayer and Eucharist; ministry from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Via Christi Village, being ecumenical prayer and the rosary in the chapel, pastoral visits, bingo social and more pastoral visits; exercise, evening prayer, dinner, and night prayer; and reflections on ministry with the group.

Tonight is our twenty-sixth evening in Kansas. We have twenty-six more evenings left here. Fitting that this moment comes one day after the summer solstice. As these waning days of spring and interprovincial postulancy have lengthened concurrently, so have all of us here been stretched so as to be exposed more fully to the light of God within us, within each other, and beyond us. At this point, I feel like we have reached an extremity, a peak in our "performance." Now as the days begin to shorten, so does this formation program. We carry on our exercises, physical, mental, and spiritual, with a great devotion of energy; but we come closer to the cooling down.

It is too soon to regard contemplatively or pridefully the body we are building up together, but we can feel the good health of the body in its exertions. Our fraternity is getting stronger.

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