Thursday, June 7, 2012

Prayer Intentions

Asking God to hear my prayers ...

... for the unity of all Christian communities, Catholic, Protestant, and Orthodox.
... for families in need of reconciliation, especially for parents and children estranged from each other.
... for immigrants and workers who suffer persecution from employers, public authorities, and neighbors.
... for those employers, public authorities, and neighbors, that God may change their hearts.
... for the sisters and brothers of Franciscans International, especially those women and men who advocate for protection of the air, water, and earth, and the rights of all peoples to water and sanitation.
... for the couples I know who are expecting a child this year.
... for an increase in an economy grounded in gratitude and cooperation, and a decrease in economic life driven by greed and competition.
... for a decrease in consumer waste, especially the deplorable use of disposable plastic and polystyrene products like water bottles and coffee cups.
... for the millions of women, men, and children in U.S. jails and prisons, and for the many who live in prisons without walls because their criminal record prevents them from gaining an education, housing, or work. For the immigrant souls suffering in detention awaiting deportation. For an end to for-profit prisons and a radical reform of the American system of criminal justice.
... for a turning away of all hearts from classism, racism, and sexism, and a purification of the Church from these evils.
... for the doing of new things in the Church, and in the Capuchin order.
... for the recovery of true, good, and beautiful things in the Church, and in the Capuchin order.
... for the hungry to be filled with good things, and the rich to be sent away empty.
... for the women religious of the United States, that their gifts and good works may be seen by God, the Church, and the world, and that they may be liberated and empowered to wait for and hasten the coming of the reign of God as they have done faithfully for generations.
... for a listening heart and a compassionate spirit.
... for my friends in Boston.
... for the people whose generosity to the Capuchins gives me my daily bread.
... for the people whose example and influence have, with and against God's grace, made me the person I am today.
... for the people I met at Via Christi Village and will get to know better these next six weeks.
... for the desires I have named here.
... for greater fidelity to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and greater disobedience of the world when it rejects the Gospel.
... for my neighbors, enemies, and inner demons.
... for the people who remember me in their prayers.
... for those who have no one to pray for them.

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