Saturday, June 9, 2012

Of Minor Note

1. Now I have a Skype account. Add anthony.zuba1 to your list of contacts. If you would like to have a video conversation, let me know, and we will set up a time and date. I look forward to seeing you through the ether, now and during novitiate (within the allowable limits of Internet usage).

2. Half the friary is out today at a conference for men in the city of Russell, sponsored by the Diocese of Salina (Kansas). The brothers in formation and professed friars will be back in the mid-afternoon. They left early in the morning, around seven -- being the weekend, I just couldn't rise for the occasion! I will be interested to hear about their experiences today. I am concerned that Catholic adult males, whatever their personality, orientation, and sexuality, lack good formation into a healthy and whole masculine personhood. May all who desire to be sons of the God of Jesus Christ, who desire to be truly human men, be healed of all trauma; purged of the corrupting effects of sinful sexism and heterosexism; enlightened by the wisdom of Scripture, tradition, and our increasing awareness (through reason and experience) of the human body, both male and female; and perfected and completed by grace.

3. Having a barbecue lunch this afternoon, and the weather is ideal for it -- temperature in the lower 90s, sunny, and breezy. Going out to a sports bar this evening to cheer and console my postulant brothers watching the big basketball game between the Boston Celtics and Miami Heat. Kansans have a local team to root for -- the Oklahoma City Thunder. Should Miami prevail, I will lend my underdog sympathies to Oklahoma City. Of course, my heart lies in Boston, so if it comes to a contest between the Celtics and Thunder, I hope the locals will understand!

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