Sunday, June 24, 2012

Powerful Currents

Very hot and very windy yesterday at Wilson Lake. The high temperature was about 105 degrees, and the gusts must have been over 30 miles per hour. The conditions made the water turbulent.

A few of the brothers who left their boat to swim were taken up by powerful currents and carried some distance away into deeper waters before being rescued by their crewmates. A frightening moment for the fraternity.

We cut short our afternoon after this incident, but we would probably have left the lake early anyway because of the extremity of the weather. So we packed up the burgers and brauts and all the food and drink and had our barbecue with the families of Marked Men for Christ at St. Fidelis Friary.

Everyone is safe, and the brothers who struggled against the waters are all right. They are recovering their strength. The fraternity remains intact. 

Feeling subdued about the turn of events yesterday. I find myself brought to silence before the power of nature and the Creator who governs the wind and water. Whether we will it or not, we move with God's powerful currents.

Also feeling full of the Holy Spirit, though in a silent way at this hour. This is my hope: to get on with the work of witnessing to the reign of God breaking into and confounding this world and convoking the new heaven and earth. And this is my prayer: I want nothing to divert our brothers from the course they must follow toward the kin(g)dom. Each in his own way must go on becoming someone who prepares the way of God by living The Way. Let us be on our way speedily! Life is too short for anything else.

Brothers, listen to God; hear the Word, and act upon it. Speak as God speaks; do as God does; risk as God risks; and refrain as God refrains. Do not be of the world, but also do not be against the world. Be in the world and be for the world. Love God. Honor all people. Respect creation. Live the faith of Jesus Christ, the faith of Francis of Assisi. Amen.

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