Monday, June 25, 2012


It is a privilege to be visited this week by Capuchin Fr. Bill Hugo, a historian whose workbook on the primary source documents for the life of Francis of Assisi and the early Franciscan movement has introduced many a brother to historical-critical analysis. A veteran formator, Brother Bill will lead presentations on Franciscan spirituality today and tomorrow. Already he has been holding court, transforming the usual chatter at our dining room tables into a seminar. Socratic dialogue at breakfast? God bless you, Brother Bill, and thank you for joining us.

On Wednesday we are to meet the novitiate formation team. The brothers are coming in from Santa Ynez, Calif., to introduce themselves and talk about preparations for the novitiate year. Until now we have interacted with the novice directors only by e-mail; it will be a relief to see them face to face at last!

This afternoon I will be meeting up with a reader of the blog who is passing through the area today and vacationing this week with his family. The wonders of social networking via digital media.

Brothers and sisters, may all your encounters this week, both your planned visits and spontaneous meetings, be graced.

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  1. Thank you for the graced visit this week, Brother Anthony! It was a blessing to hear your story, and have you receive some of mine. May the Spirit continue to grace you and the brothers as you meet together daily to be formed in the image of Christ through the footsteps of Francis.