Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Waiting and Moving

Sojourning at San Lorenzo Friary, Jamaica Plain in Boston. Arose at six; meditation, morning prayer, and Eucharist in the friars' chapel with the post-novices. Picked up breakfast in the kitchen, half-reading The Boston Globe and half-hearing the brothers' conversations. Cloudy though it is, there were enough spaces in the sky for the sun to shine through and streak the chapel with gentle light. Rain will come later today, but it is dry now; thanks be to God for both the sun and the water.

The agenda for today and this week: waiting for the kin(g)dom, the power, and the glory, but also moving with the movement. Going to Downtown Crossing to picket the Massachusetts Democratic Party offices later this morning because of the Obama Administration's destructive immigration policies. In the afternoon, meeting a Christian activist friend for lunch who lives near the Cambridge/Somerville line off Davis Square. Then going to Central Square, Cambridge, to sit in for a while on one of the working groups of Occupy Boston. This is the Nonviolence Working Group. It is coordinated by a good friend, a Friend in fact -- she and I were housemates for two years at Beacon Hill Friends House. Will have to leave early to return to San Lorenzo Friary in time for meditation and evening prayer and dinner. Considering a visit tonight to the Occupy Boston General Assembly on Boston Common, but it's going to rain, I'm a little out of the loop, and I would defer to the voices of the people who live here permanently and are more wholly committed to the mission and vision of the Occupy movement than I am at the moment. Perhaps it will be an early evening, dedicated to reading, reflecting, and listening. Waiting and moving, waiting and moving.

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