Wednesday, May 23, 2012

To 'The End'

Sojourning in Babylon Village, NY, at San Niccolo Friary.

Arose at twenty after seven; morning prayer at my brother's dining table facing east, with the sound of the locomotives lurching, bringing Long Island's breadwinners into the city. No Mass today; Nicholas and I made an early start for Montauk Point and the lighthouse. A two-hours' drive over 85 miles to the end of the south fork of Long Island. We calculated correctly: to our delight, although it was overcast where we set off, where we arrived the front edge of the rainclouds was far behind us, and it was mostly clear. We arrived just after the museum opened; spent over an hour and a half browsing the rooms of what used to be the residence of the lighthouse keepers. By the time we climbed the 137 metal steps of the tower, we could see without obstruction as far as the naked eye would see. A unblemished sky and a bright blue sea. I could have sat in the tower for hours. Before leaving, we walked around the edge of the bluffs, reinforced by a low stony seawall and terracing to stem erosion. Standing on the boulders staring at the ocean, you could see into infinity. I could have sat there for days in meditation.

Lunch at Anthony's Pancake House on Main Street of the town; raisin pancakes for yours truly. There was another such place across the street, Mr. John's Pancake House. Well, we had to visit the namesake, didn't we? Then, a short drive west to an overlook giving entry to three scenic trails for Hither Hills State Park. Nicholas and I walked one of them for about a half hour, minding the tall grass and watching out for deer ticks!

Now, to computing. Later, after evening prayer and dinner, one more visit to the Small Christian Community at Our Lady of Grace for faith sharing around the Scripture readings for the solemnity of Pentecost. It will be a final leave-taking with these, my suburban sisters and brothers in the spirit. Among them is one dear brother, Deacon Peter DiGiuseppe, who, as leader of the parish RCIA program in 1999-2000, welcomed me into my first Christian community and helped me take the decisive steps into the Church. May God bless you, Deacon Peter, and always send you the Holy Spirit speedily when you need Her.

This afternoon at Montauk Point, surveying the sea from a bandstand at the lighthouse museum, the strains of Psalm 98 came to my brother: "All the ends of the earth have seen the power of God." From one end, at least, God had witnesses today.

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