Friday, May 25, 2012

Forty Hours

Forty more hours in New York. Forty hours with my family in the place where I grew up. Time to leave Babylon -- all in one, my personal Nazareth, Jerusalem, and, yes, Babylon -- again, this time to go to a far country.

Kansas and California. Kansas and California. These names, on my lips, like the names of fraternal twins. Surely these places could not be more unlike each other, but they are entwined by providential destiny in my journey of faith.

Let time roll. Let time stop. It is all as one to me now. All I want to do is listen to the Holy Spirit. All I want to do is appear, say "Here I am," and cooperate with the Spirit of God. That is discipleship. That is brotherhood in Jesus Christ.

Reflections are rising slowly to the surface of the streams of consciousness. I hope to show them to you before I climb the skies on Sunday.

Bulletins from Babylon, with backtracking, to resume tomorrow.

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