Thursday, May 3, 2012

Looking for ...

... a day of uninterrupted sunshine.
... the sameness that changes. Unchanging sameness does not exist.
... health for the two brothers ill with respiratory and throat problems at St. Michael Friary.
... a little more motivation now that everything is finished in Brooklyn but for the program evaluation and celebration.
... courage to do something true yet out of character with who I am today but in the spirit of who I want to be.
... perseverance to do what is true and in character, but which I have neglected to do.
... greater willingness to meet the people, places, and situations I am afraid of or anxious about.
... the ability to live a full day in the present moment.
... an opportunity to preach penance to those at the tipping point of conversion.
... the humility to preach first to myself.
... reunions in Babylon and Boston before I move west to live farther than ever from the places I grew up and spent the best years of my adulthood.
... a restful night and a peaceful death.

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