Saturday, May 26, 2012

Flight Fright

The weather forecast in western Kansas for Sunday evening does not look very promising. There is a good chance of severe thunderstorms in Hays at 10 p.m, when our flight is scheduled to arrive. In fact, there is a chance of thunderstorms most of the day, from three in the afternoon until midnight and later. Not the news I was hoping to get.

Honestly, I would not mind being delayed for hours in Denver, stranded even, all night, if that was necessary to ensure a safe flight to Kansas.

Pray for all the Capuchin novices-to-be who are flying tomorrow, that they may reach their destination safely, with or without inconvenience. I will be in transit all day Sunday, but I promise to post to confirm my arrival as soon as I am able.

Peace be with you, friends, and to my brothers and sisters in the Spirit of Christ, I bid you a joyous Pentecost.

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