Saturday, May 26, 2012

Into the Night, Into the Air

Lord of the water, Lord of the air,
God of light,

Be my defender through the night;
speed me safely toward daylight.

It is night.
I must go into the night
over the thundering air
to reach the dawn.

The light is good.
The light is life.
But life rises in the darkness.
The Spirit is our friend
when we are in the darkness
and we are separated
from everything that is light
and love.

With you, Spirit of love,
I am never truly separated
from the light.
I am only parted from the day
for a while.

Where I am going,
no one can follow me,
no one but my brothers,
no one but my sisters.

Brothers, will you be there?
Sisters, will you be there?
Will you follow?
Are you going into the night
and into the air?

Will you be there
when I return?

Will I begin, and will I be alive to beginning?

Let me live long enough
to make the journey into the night.
Grant me an eternal year, O God,
and an hour stolen from death.
Make the storms of destruction pass by
but leave me undisturbed
prepared to part from day
for the good night to come.

Good night, dark night.
The darkness will be as day
as I fly through the billowing blowing air.

As I sing, so I pray.
Holy Spirit, come.
Holy God, come.
Your child stands apart.
Holy Spirit, come.

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