Monday, May 28, 2012

Carry On, My Wayward Son

I am in Kansas. Arrived at quarter to ten local time last night after travelling the most miles I had ever crossed in one day. Three flights: New York to Milwaukee to Denver to Hays, Kansas, the final flight a bit frightening as we passed through shearing winds and tall, thick thunderclouds. Would that we could have avoided such interesting weather! Nevertheless, we pray, "Lightnings and clouds, bless the Lord."

Long travel takes everything out of me. By the third and final touchdown, I was ready to sleep standing up. Even now, feeling lightheaded and less than coherent -- my body has traveled so far, so fast ... the spirit is still catching up. As I expected, I have a sore throat after sitting for hours breathing stale cockpit air. This, too, shall pass, except I worry about losing my voice. I know I'll need to meet and greet a lot of people today, and not only my brothers. The novices-to-be are going to be introduced to the whole town, basically, at a Memorial Day Mass this morning. (Population of Victoria, Kansas: approx. 1,000).

Had a look at the friars' chapel this morning: simple, clean, naturally bright, and beautiful. Spent a half hour in meditation and morning prayer. Picked up breakfast and a newspaper, The Salina Journal, as brothers came and went.

This doesn't feel real yet. When my spirit arrives, then it will. I know that it will; the Spirit carries me with her.

Now, to let my folks know I am here safely and gently arriving into my new surroundings. Spirit of Christ, call me here; plant me firmly on this ground; make me really present to you and to my brothers.

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