Saturday, August 3, 2013

Sister Boston

Been back in Boston for 48 hours now, and it feels like I've never been away. At this moment, to my eyes, this city is unconditionally beautiful, whether sunny or cloudy, rainy or shiny. Praise be to you, my Lord, for Sister Boston, who is bright like the stars and strong like the earth.

Being here now feels very good and very right. In addition to spending an excellent two days with longtime friends, I've had some amazing reunions on the street with old acquaintances. No fewer than three times has some familiar face come up to me on the street because he or she saw the habit and then recognized who
was wearing it ... as I say, amazing. If this is a sign of the three years in simple vows to come, I must count myself abundantly blessed.

Attended a vigil Mass this afternoon to fulfill my Sunday obligation and free me to attend worship tomorrow morning at the American Baptist church here in Jamaica Plain, where a dear friend of mine will be preaching. In the evening I will have my first meal here with the friars as a fellow friar.

Now, sending prayers for God's peace and love to embrace the candidates and the friars attending discernment weekend in Thornwood, N.Y. May the Spirit grace all the brothers, especially Bro. Jim Gavin, who is giving the discernment presentations; and the young men (and young-at-heart men) who are considering our way of living the Gospel.

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