Thursday, August 8, 2013

Praying ...

... for people who have too little work or no work at all, and for people who have too much work to do; and for both peoples, who cannot afford food, shelter, or medicine.
... that we Capuchins may be closer brothers to people who work dreadfully hard to produce the food we eat, the clothing we wear, and all the conveniences we enjoy.
... for people who struggle in the clutches of addiction and mental illness.
... that we Capuchins may know speak words and do good works of healing for them, even if we do not know how to cure their ills.
... for the poor who wander the streets of our neighborhood, hungry and homeless and in emotional and physical pain.
... that we Capuchins may always meet them open-hearted and open-handed, never turning them away with nothing, never giving them anything that will harm, but filling them with good things.
... for our neighbors on Shepton Street in Dorchester, who were jarred by a shootout between police and suspects on Wednesday. (I lived on Shepton Street from August 2010 to July 2011. Today's newspaper described an altercation between undercover officers and suspects leading to gunfire, including an alleged drive-by shooting from a vehicle that turned onto Shepton from Dorchester Avenue.) Unspeakable.
... that we Capuchins may have the courage to remain when violence breaks out in our midst.
... for our sick friends and relatives, especially a friend in Cambridge who is suffering from cancer and severe back pain.
... that we Capuchins may care for the bodily needs of all our sisters and brothers, each of us according to the gifts and talents we have been given, without counting the cost.
... for ourselves, when we are too afraid to reach out when others in need come to us at inconvenient times asking for our help.
... that we Capuchins may show the faith of true Israelites when challenged by the surpassing faith of a Gentile.

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