Monday, August 5, 2013

Reunion, Domestication, Communication

My post-novice brothers have arrived; we are now a larger, louder household! The guardian and two post-novice directors are here as well. The two other brothers in simple vows who live here are respectively away on vacation and continuing a summer ministry assignment out of town. They will return late next week. When they do, our household will be whole.

I have continued to meet with friends and partners in ministry from the old days (that is, before beginning initial formation with the Capuchins). It has been so easy to renew these relationships, which is a blessing. I came back to San Lorenzo Friary mid-afternoon to bake an apple crisp and toss a green salad for our cookout (burgers and frankfurters for the carnivores, veggie burgers for your repentant correspondent). Also did my laundry for the first time as a resident here. And I received the last batch of boxes with my theology books and notebooks and personal papers. Feeling really settled, at ease in this new home, and confident about my ability to make others feel at home here. Such confidence would have been inconceivable to me several years ago. At home in a house? I've become quite domesticated, which is quite a turnabout from the time before I joined the friars.

Another major transition as of this evening: I have rejoined the 21st century and been issued both a cell phone and a credit card. And a personal computer and printer are on the way. More on all this later.

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