Monday, August 12, 2013

Brother Dell

This is being written from the new computer the guardian has provided for my use. Thank you, Brother Guardian; thank you, Brother Dell. Spent the evening doing setup and installation. Now we're supposedly secure and up to date. I am online, which is the main thing! And I am navigating the applications I need, though I am a little befuddled and a little more bemused by the way many things about desktop computers have changed!

Down to Yonkers and back to Boston today for the funeral of Bro. Christopher Varley. It was very good to be there, having missed the previous four funerals of the last twelve months. But now I am wiped spiritually. A lot of travel, and a lot of fraternity, for one day: it enervates me.

Tomorrow morning, some shopping for basic home and office supplies. Then, in the afternoon, time to play tour guide for my post-novice brothers as we head to downtown Boston to explore and dine out for dinner.

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