Sunday, August 18, 2013


We are almost a full household -- still waiting for the return of one more of our student friars. We are just about a full friary, what with our guests here and across the corner at Saint Francis of Assisi Friary. After Mass today -- I'll be attending at a parish where our Capuchin brother, Cardinal Sean O'Malley, is presiding -- I'll be in the kitchen baking and cooking for our evening meal. It's a special occasion this evening, in that two returning student friars are renewing their simple vows for one more year.

Tomorrow, we begin our week of workshops on the Capuchin Constitutions. Fitting that this week of reflection and renewal of our Franciscan mind begins with a witness to the renewal of our two brothers' commitment to consecrated life.

Okay, off to worship. I hope the week to come provokes holy conversation, meditation, prayer, and contemplation. Maybe some of the fruits of our listening and consideration will surface here. Maybe!

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