Saturday, July 28, 2012

John 15:9

A wedding song. For S. and M.

We are marching in the light of a lesser god
The way and truth and life we live are odd
We always knew the levee wall would break
When the flood comes down next time, it won't be God's own make

All our stricken soldiers tear the veil
While orphaned mothers plant their boots and wail
The city and the desert will not pass
Until every blade of steel turns to a blade of grass

We have rounded every corner of the earth
Crossed the border linking death and birth
We have found an answer for our pain
Should all the world burn out, we shall remain

You and me, we're done with brand new starts
Let's surrender to domestic arts
War is in the cupboard that is bare
Peace is every sip from the cup we share

Come fill our kingly chapel for a spell
Who emptied tomb and upper room as well
The two of us await you to proclaim
In other words from one without a name

"Nothing means a thing until I do
I spoke of you before you even knew
Will you believe the world, or what I say?
Oh, hang on every word, or hang on anyway."

Melody: "Abandoned Love," Bob Dylan

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