Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Interviews with the novice directors today and tomorrow. This is so we can get acquainted! The interview will also provide our formators some information that will help them assign each of us a spiritual director and delegate to each of us house jobs and work projects for the year.

Up to now the formators have been talking to us, mostly, orienting us to the program and showing us around our new home. One-on-one conversation with our formators has come in brief snatches, like during meals or group recreation. Tomorrow, when my interview comes up, I will have a real conversation with them.

This morning: a trip to Santa Maria, a town about 40 miles to the north and west, to purchase toiletries and other personal items. This afternoon: some personal time. This evening: we celebrate the birthday of one of our novice brothers! Tomorrow, another birthday: one of our formation directors! For now, the festivities are seemingly without end....

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