Friday, July 27, 2012

Dreams and Hopes and More


I dream of seeing the reign of God in person -- in the person of Jesus Christ, within me and my brothers and sisters. During novitiate, I pray for an increase in desire to perceive the Christ-like presence of the kingdom of heaven in the persons of my novice brothers.


This novitiate year, I hope to walk like a disciple of Jesus and to speak in God's name: a little more truly, a little more deeply, and even a little more madly -- and to recognize it when my novice brothers are doing so.


I aim during novitiate to see and hear in my novice brothers living parables of the kingdom of heaven. I aim to show in my words and deeds good hospitality in the household of God and practice good citizenship in the city of God. Let Francis of Assisi, the model steward and citizen of the world to come, be my example.


I wish not to comment on what I expect of my novice brothers. I would not (and need not) add to what their God and mine requires of them and me -- to do justice, love kindness, and walk humbly with God.


The evening I arrived at San Lorenzo Friary, I could feel my soul relax and expand. From the moment I crossed the threshold into my dormitory, I knew something was different. The first night I slept in my new room, I slept as soundly as if I had been in that place for fifteen years.

Novitiate has begun very well. Each day is tightly organized, but each day feels free. The pace of life is insistent but unhurried. Within our routine we are discovering the space where God dwells. Within our schedule we are finding the time beyond time and beginning to notice how God erupts into time.

We drove for four days through the desert, across mountains and hills and plains, to be here in this holy place. We are done traveling. We will be stable. We will be still. But we are moving, moving with direction, moving in the light of God, moving with our brothers. We are going, going forward, going to the New Jerusalem, to the Assisi in our hearts, to the cave in our souls, to meet God, to meet Jesus, to meet Francis as ourselves.


Here begins another new mini-feature of the blog, which I will simply call "Log." 


This morning: Caravan tour of the Santa Ynez Valley, passing through the center of Santa Ynez itself, as well as Buellton, Los Olivos, and Solvang. Tour of Mission Santa Ines, founded 1804, one of the 21 historic California missions planted by Franciscan friars. Controlled by the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, it has been in Capuchin hands since 1924. I want to return and look longer at the museum, church, garden, and cemetery. I will definitely return to worship with what is very much a vibrant parish community.

This afternoon: rest, then assisting our kitchen manager with the evening meal, which includes setting the tables and serving areas in the refectory.

This evening, we will be given the names of our formation advisors and spiritual directors. We will also receive our house jobs for the year.


Lectio Divina

The LORD shall ransom Jacob, he shall redeem him from a hand too strong for him.

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