Saturday, July 28, 2012

Good Housekeeping


Last night: received house jobs. I am splitting my time between manual and mental labor. Manual: sweeping the walkways, straightening up the exercise room, and keeping in order the workshop, where we keep hand tools and power tools. Mental: I will be putting together The Caperone, the monthly newsletter of the Capuchin novitiate. You can call me a managing editor if you like (I do), but I will be reporting to one of the formators, who is the executive editor, editorial director, editor-in-chief (what you will).

This morning: Got to work on the manual labor, sweeping the walkways and tidying the exercise room and workshop. I will receive direction on The Caperone in a few days.

This afternoon: baking and cooking ... for about 45 hungry persons! In addition to the 24 novices, the formators, and senior friars in residence, we had several last-minute guests, friars and friends of friars. This is extremely uncommon, especially at the beginning of novitiate. Oh well ... we rolled with it, and we flourished under pressure. My kitchen partner took the lead preparing chicken curry, Indian rice with raisins and walnuts, roasted vegetables, and salad and yogurt. I assisted him, and another novice brother graciously helped out even though he was not on kitchen detail. I took lead on desserts: four summer fruit buckle cakes (two apricot, one blueberry, one raspberry). We had plenty of food, and by all accounts all were happy with the meal.

I am feeling a little spacey after five hours in the kitchen, but I feel good about what my brothers and I were able to do. As the first to take our turn cooking for the novitiate, we acquitted ourselves well, with grace and good cheer.

One week into our new program at our new home, I can say in good conscience that I am working honorably to keep our house in good order.


Lectio Divina

Don’t be fooled into thinking that you will never suffer because the Temple is here. It’s a lie!

Jeremiah 7:8 (New Living Translation)

Going forward, unless otherwise specified (as today), all Scripture citations will be from the New American Bible Revised Edition.

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