Friday, February 24, 2012

Vow of Correspondence

Feeling stronger now than at any time earlier this week. My head has cleared; the congestion is dripping away.

Unfortunately, two of my brothers are now feeling poorly, with symptoms similar to mine. I hope it is a coincidence, as I took pains to communicate only my fraternal love, not my germs!

I feel well enough to saddle upon the stationary bike this evening and pump my heart: time for some strenuous recreation. I look forward to the perspiration and the satisfying feeling of a body tired not from fatigue but from fresh exertion. A good way to go into the weekend and the sabbath.


I am bowled over by the kind words that poured into my e-mail this week as I announced my departure from Facebook. The notes, some short and some long, showed me how firm the mystic bonds of charity hold us together, you and I who are friends in faith and good will. I promise each of you to write back with the same affectionate regard that moved you. Consider this a vow of correspondence.

May your electronic mailboxes and mine be lit with graceful notes from the ether. (And a few letters inked onto paper would be nice, too!)

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