Sunday, February 5, 2012

Eleventh-Hour Prayer

Holy God,
who numbers our days and hours,
horizon of history
and abyss of eternity,

Teach us not to count the time
and keep us free from every temptation
to purchase a fare to the hereafter.

As our age runs into the ages
show us how to play
and not to compete,
to complement
and not to contrast.

Help us rise in the morning,
rise until evening,
rise to the night,
and rise to our name on the last day,
when the game of life is done.

Until that day and hour,
make us see more brightly
what you have revealed in Jesus,
that the game is over and done with forever.
Let peace put paid to living by winning,
and we will live by dying daily to our greed.

For the only ones with whom we must contend
are ourselves and the Evil One.
The rest will be overcome.

Now guard our sleep,
watch our waking,
and help us play well,
for with you there is nothing to fear
and nothing to lose.

We ask this through the timeless name of Jesus the Christ,
who is the beginning and the end,
who is beyond all time
and in all time. Amen.

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