Friday, February 24, 2012

Bread of Prayer

Generous God,
You who satisfy the hungry heart,

Feed us with the bread of your Word.

Give us an appetite for the things that give taste to life.

Make us crave what makes our daily bread filling
and help us to thank You for providing our fulfillment.

Turn us into bread for each other.
Let there be no more breadwinners
as long as there are breadlosers.
Bread should be given for all,
never to be fought over.
Turn us into bread for each other.

Let us share our food.
Let us share our word.
Let us eat and speak like people soon to part
or a people newly joined.

Give our prayers your truth.
Give our prayers your Word.
Fill our mouths with your bread,
and what we take in
will not be consumed
but will consume us
until there is nothing left of us
except holy bread and life.

God beyond, with, and within us,
hear our prayer. Amen.

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