Monday, February 20, 2012

Back to Babylon

Just a quick note today. Heading back to Babylon this afternoon to see my brother at his new apartment, to be joined a little later by my sister. The three of us will probably go to a diner for the evening, and maybe a cafe if we have the time. Sibling time is rare nowadays, what with the three of us grown up and leading so-called "adult" lives. May we all remain young at heart no matter how many years we are blessed to be given. If, God willing, I graduate from postulancy to the novitiate, it will be 14 months before I see again either Jen or Nicholas, or any of my relatives, for that matter.

My formators have given the postulants this day off from community prayer, instruction, and ministry. I'm grateful for this extended sabbath. Not only does my head have the chance to recover gently from nasal congestion, but my heart is being given more time to make ready for Lent. Ash Wednesday is less than 36 hours away. Prayer, fasting, penance, and almsgiving: I hope to engage in these age-old practices with fresh intention this season on the way to Easter. Being with the friars this year cannot help but inspire me to connect with these practices of faith as if I were an acolyte.

To all who have the privilege of time off from their labors, have a happy and restful Presidents' Day.

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