Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Four O'Clock Prayer

God of our longing,
Lord of our dreaming,

You are the brightness
that helps us know ourselves
and our shadow.

Send down your Spirit to stir us from emptiness.
By your light we will live.
Protect us from sinking without escape into our shadow.

Lift us high into the air,
that we may feel your breath pass through our flesh.

Give us your friends to fly close to us,
the speakers of truth,
the messengers of love,
and the children of all that is holy.

Despite our violence,
despite our defiance,
forgive our sin,
renew our being,
and save us from the darkness
that threatens to swallow us
at the lengthening of the day.

And when we have finished our prayer,
help us hear your response,
so we may do what is truly your will.

This we ask, in faith,
through and with the mind of Jesus Christ,
your son and our brother. Amen.

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