Friday, February 3, 2012

A Prayer

God of surpassing power, God the most good,
make us, your poor children,
useful to your service.

Give us the work we can do
to show forth your good in our lives.
Help us to see the meaning in our existence,
most especially during times of dullness, pain, and sorrow.

Let us remember how you have changed our lives,
and give us courage to show others what you have done.

Keep our neighbors ever in our sight. Keep us poor in spirit.

When we fail to act faithfully, forgive us our sins, we pray.
When we fail to act effectively, show us the better way,
and shield us from crippling doubt and guilt.

When we fail to speak and do the right and the good,
send us your truth to dispel our ignorance
and your love to make our words live in deeds.

And if, after we have prayed,
we remain stuck in our uselessness,
and all appears to be hopeless,
be merciful and grant us
the consolation of your Spirit.

At every dark hour,
And at our last hour,
Hold us in the Light we cannot see,
And speak the Word we cannot hear,
Until we awaken to your Presence
In the world beyond all worlds.

Hear our prayer,
Righteous Father,
Faithful Son,
Loving Spirit,

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