Thursday, December 27, 2012

Return to the Trail

Lectio Divina

The life was made visible.

1 John 1:2 


Caught up with the latest issue of National Catholic Reporter today. Also reading Chesterton, Saint Francis of Assisi.


Another vacation-like day for the novices. Mass and morning prayer combined, followed by a leisurely breakfast and quiet morning around San Lorenzo. Got a little more work done on the newsletter.

In August, I took my first hike of the novitiate, striding up and down the eight-mile Tequepis Trail near the Lake Cachuma Recreation Area on the way to Santa Barbara. Early this afternoon, I returned with two of my novice brothers. The trail beat my feet, hips, and knees last time, but this time a leaner, gentler novice completed the trail with practically no pain or strain. The cooler air made a difference; the greening and softening of the path helped matters; and refueling with water and energy snacks (almonds and cashews, granola, peanut butter on crackers) kept me running. My stamina has improved considerably, and my strength is greater. I am a more seasoned hiker, and proud of it. Today's return to the trail was a happy one.

This evening, had roast chicken for the first time in two months. Still celebrating Christmas, and still eating at will, even snacking between meals, which ordinarily I will never do. But this is not an ordinary time of the year.

We are returning gradually to our regular schedule of prayer. No hour of prayerful silence tonight, but we will recite night prayer at 7:45 p.m., with communal recreation following.


Sunny and cool but feeling warm inside. The fires are being stoked well.

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