Friday, December 28, 2012

Holy Innocents

Lectio Divina

That you may not commit sin.

1 John 2:1


Finished reading Peguy, my chapel companion, who for me was like a spiritual friend who showed me how to pray. Presently reading Chesterton, Saint Francis of Assisi. 


Morning prayer and Mass on the normal schedule today, which was not a vacation day. Today is the feast of the Holy Innocents, of whom many Catholic preachers surely spoke today in the context of the Newtown massacre. God bless and protect the children of this and all nations from violence of every breed.

In the afternoon, faith sharing with the men at Lompoc -- we were admitted successfully. A little difficulty, however, facilitating the group at the medium-security facility. The gentleman who is our prayer leader and guiding inspiration for the group was absent, and while another brother stepped up to render my English into Spanish and their Spanish into English, it was a little awkward going. Feeling responsible for my persisting and shameful monolingual state.

This evening, faith sharing in our own fraternity, followed by communal recreation. In between and around all activities today, pushing toward the finish line for the January issue of The Caperone. We will publish tomorrow and send out the PDF to our mailing list. A web link to the newsletter will be available to you in several days.


Warm enough in the day, but expecting the winter chill to return, and not only at night.

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