Friday, December 14, 2012

Venturing Forth

Lectio Divina

Wisdom is vindicated by her works.

Matthew 11:19


Hoping to return to heftier intellectual pursuits, namely Mumford and The City in History.


Continuing to mend inside. It was bananas, dry Rice Chex, applesauce, and dry toast the last two days. This morning, a heartier breakfast of granola, banana, and raisins, and white toast with orange marmalade, with decaf pekoe tea. Looking forward to a regular meal this evening.

We are all clear to go to Lompoc prison. Thank you, brother Body, for healing quickly. I wouldn't have wanted my novice brother to go it alone in the faith-sharing groups. It's not that he could not lead the groups solo -- he certainly can -- but Franciscans do everything together, including ministry. We go off at least in twos.

This morning, catching up on what is happening in the world. This evening, a review of life in preparation for the house chapter we are holding tomorrow morning.


Getting frosty in the morning. But it's warming up inside the soul.

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